Workers reminded of redress mechanisms

 02 May 2014 - 5:20

Workers browse through books kept for free distribution at an event organised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to coincide with International Workers Day. SALIM MATRAMKOT

DOHA: Workers in Qatar can lodge a complaint by calling a free hotline if they face problems with their employers, a senior official at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs reaffirmed yesterday. 
Such complaints will be looked into by officials at the ministry, said Khalid Al Ghanim, director of the Inspection Department at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, at an event held to coincide with International Workers’ Day.
“Any worker can call the toll-free hotline (8006611) and complain about problems they face with the employer. The ministry will enquire about the issue and try to find solutions,” he said.
He also explained that workers can complain about problems with their employers to labour inspectors who carry out inspections. 
“Labour inspectors conduct inspections frequently at work sites and labour camps. Inspectors talk to workers to find out if they are facing any problems. Workers can approach the inspectors and complain if they have any problems,” said Al Ghanim. 
The event was organised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to educate workers on work site safety. Around 500 workers form 100 companies participated in the event. 
Lectures and presentations were made by officials from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Interior. 
“We want to ensure that all workers have good working conditions, safety, a healthy environment and proper accommodation,” said Al Ghanim, speaking to the workers. 
“We will also conduct more awareness programmes for the workers and employers,” he added. 
Leaflets and booklets about Qatar’s Labour Law, rights of the workers, and safety measures to be followed at work sites were distributed free among the workers. 
Officials from the Directorate of Civil Defence conducted an interactive session on what workers should do in emergency situations, especially in the event of a fire. 
Also officials from the Community Police spoke about the services provided by them. 
Captain Naif Mohammed Al Mannai from the Community Police explained that their main role was to solve issues in a friendly way. 
Later, speaking to media persons, he said, “We urge the companies to provide workers with safety lockers to keep their belongings safe.” 
Asked if workers often become victims of robbery, he explained, “Only very few incidents happen, but it’s better to take preventive actions.”