Diesel to cost QR1.50 a litre

May 01, 2014 - 2:22:29 am
Ibrahim Jaham Al Kuwari,

DOHA: The price of diesel has been suddenly increased to QR1.50 per litre. The new rate became effective from an hour after midnight yesterday. 

The earlier rate was QR1 per litre and it was effective since late January 2011 when local petroleum products distributors suddenly raised the prices of petrol, diesel and kerosene.

This time, however, only diesel prices have been raised. Qatar Fuel (Woqod), local distributors of petroleum products, yesterday announced in a release that it had been decided that all petrol stations will sell diesel for QR1.50 a litre. This is the retail price.

As for bulk prices for projects, local projects will get diesel at a price per litre of QR1.50 (same as retail price), while for joint venture projects the rate will be QR1.80 per litre.

The CEO of Woqod, Ibrahim Jaham Al Kuwari, said in the release that the price of diesel was being hiked on the instructions of the authorities concerned.

He, however, neither said who the authorities were nor did he specify the reasons why diesel was being suddenly made 50 percent more expensive.

He called upon all petrol stations across the country to adhere to the new rate. “Woqod will monitor the implementation of the decision and take action against erring outlets,” said Al Kuwari. Petrol stations have been asked to readjust dispenser meters, change the posters and stickers that announce old diesel prices and inform all consumers of the new rates. While managements of petrol stations might have been aware of the price hike in advance, fillers were not.

Incidentally, filing stations are required to sell up to 60 litres of diesel to individuals with cans, buses, trucks and trailers can fill up to 200 litres at a time.

Petrol prices remain stable after the last hike effected late in January 2011, at QR1 per litre (for super) and 85 dirhams per litre (for premium). Almost all light vehicles here use petrol so motorists would not be directly impacted by the hike in diesel rates. Woqod announced early in June 2007 that it had to import diesel due to a sudden surge in demand fuelled by an exploding population of trucks and other vehicles using diesel.

Currently, the use of diesel is said to be going up massively due to the construction boom driven by the ongoing infrastructure projects. 

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