CMC slams favouritism in land allotment

 30 Apr 2014 - 6:20


DOHA: The Central Municipal Council (CMC) has severely criticised the government and says there is favouritism in land distribution to citizens for housing.
A particular section of the Qatari community is being forced to accept plots of land for residential purposes in Al Wakra much against their will, said the chairman of the CMC.
Saud bin Abdullah Al Hanzab said there is no transparency in land distribution as some people whose names do not even figure on the waiting list are allotted land while many have been awaiting allotment since 2005.
Some 3,000 people on the waiting list are yet to be allotted land since 2005, said the CMC chairman. 
The government allots plot of land to citizens free.
Al Hanzab has claimed that the Land and Survey Department of the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning which is responsible for making the allotments doesn’t even keep its offices open for the required number of hours.
“If they do so, they would get 3,000 requests daily for plot allotment and not just 80 to 120 applications as they claim,” Al Hanzab was quoted by local Arabic dailies as saying.
The CMC chairman lauded higher authorities for being kind enough to order allotment of land to citizens, and said the irregularities are committed by the Land and Survey Department of the civic ministry.
Al Hanzab said large Qatari families should be allotted plots of land on a priority basis so they could build houses and move out of their smaller homes.
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