Guidelines for beauty salons likely soon

April 25, 2014 - 5:12:29 am

DOHA: Qatar’s public health authorities are busy framing extensive guidelines for beauty salons and conditions for their licensing.

Licensing criteria for beauty parlours aren’t quite extensive and tough presently. Community sources claim that beauty parlours have lately been mushrooming due to easier licensing procedures.

Anyone with money can easily set up a beauty salon whose demand has been rising as people’s purchasing power in cash-rich Qatar has been on an upswing.

There are no hard and fast rules for hiring professionals, including beauticians, for the beauty parlours as well, with the result that many parlours are manned by raw hands.

So rules and regulations are also being developed regarding the skills and experience of beauticians and other workers of beauty salons.

There is, therefore, a possibility that a specialist agency could be set up to license those working in, as also those being hired, to work in beauty salons. This would make sure that raw hands are not employed as beauticians and put users at risk.

The Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning reportedly receives a lot of complaints from women against beauticians. 

Some complaints are serious and claim that wrong use of chemicals and cosmetics sometimes lead to facial deformities among customers and other such problems.  People have also been complaining that beauty parlours are becoming increasingly expensive and exploitative. 

The Consumer Protection Department (CPD) of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, the state’s consumer rights watchdog, has, therefore, been urged to rein in the beauty salons and make sure that they keep their tariffs well within permissible limits. 

The health affairs department of the civic ministry is believed to be working in close coordination with public health authorities to set up a specialist body that would license beauticians and other workers of the beauty salons.

As for guidelines concerning beauty parlours, they would likely specify minimum floor space, use of types of equipment and materials, including cosmetics and chemicals. Conditions regarding hiring manpower are to be a major feature of these guidelines, it is understood. The department at the Municipal Ministry is also recruiting more women inspectors to mount raids on beauty salons. Plans are afoot to provide rigorous training to these inspectors. The Peninsula