Qatar Charity opens two new villages for displaced Syrians

 20 Apr 2014 - 4:38


DOHA: Qatar Charity (QC), a non-governmental humanitarian organisation involved in a wide range of relief work locally and internationally, yesterday announced the opening of two villages for displaced Syrians in the north of Syria.
Built at a cost of about QR4m, the villages each comprise 100 prefabricated residential units containing mattresses, blankets and kitchen utensils. Residents will have access to facilities including a school, a mosque, a children’s play area and a shared kitchen.
The villages will benefit around 1,200 people. With this, QC has built three villages for displaced Syrians. One was built in collaboration with the Organisation of the Islamic Dawa-Qatar office, which funded the project, and another being funded by two Qatari philanthropists.
A QC delegation including the QC Executive Director of International Development, Mohammed bin Ali Al Ghamdi, Managing Director of Disaster Preparedness and Response, Mohammed Adrdor, Sheikh Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al Sada, Sheikh Hamad Abdel Kader, Director of the Office of the Organisation of the Islamic Dawa in Qatar, and Sheikh Mohammed Al Fadeni, the public relations officer of the organisation, visited the village.
“The model village project carried out by QC is in its third edition and represents our continuing interest in providing shelter in order to preserve the human dignity of the displaced in Syria; shielding them and their children during the cold winters and hot summers,” Al Ghamdi said in a speech at the opening ceremony.
“This phenomenal project aims to create favourable conditions that greatly improve the lives of the displaced, particularly in terms of the provision of daily nutrition for them and important facilities in the areas where they live; such as schools, mosques and water points, alleviating the suffering caused by living in the open without shelter,” he added.
Al Ghamdi said QC will continue to build more such villages in the light of the growing movement of displaced civilians in recent months, especially from areas in northern Syria.
Al Ghamdi said that QC’s support for the Syrian people in their worsening humanitarian condition was a duty and not a favour and he prayed to God that peace and safety would prevail throughout Syria, allowing the displaced to return to their towns and villages.