Korean kites take to the skies

 19 Apr 2014 - 6:34

Professional Korean kite flyers (above and below) at the Kite Flying Event held at the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) Park yesterday. 

DOHA: Colourful kites in different shapes and sizes drew eyes to the skies as they hovered in a spectacular formation at a Kite Flying Event at the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) Park yesterday.
The event was part of the line-up of activities in celebration of the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Korea and the State of Qatar.
Consul Bumil Park of the Korean Embassy said the event was a first in Qatar and that some officials of the Korean Kite Fliers Association flew here especially for the two-day event.
The professional kite fliers brought with them many kinds of kites in varying sizes, some of which reached 8m by 3m and were of traditional Korean designs.
“Kite flying is very popular in Korea especially on the first few days of the Lunar New Year and during Thanksgiving Day for the celebration of harvest,” explained Consul Park.

RIGHT: Officials holding a kite-making workshop.

Started centuries ago, kite flying has deep roots in Korea’s history and has already become not only a hobby but a form of traditional sport.
Yesterday’s event featured kite flying demonstration, an exhibition of traditional Korean kites and a kite making workshop, all of which would be organised again at Katara Esplanade from 10am to 5pm today.
A Korea-Qatar Cultural Show was held on Thursday at the Qatar National Convention Centre as part of the 40th anniversary celebrations. It highlighted traditional Korean music and dances featuring three music and dance troupes who flew in to enthrall the Doha audience of all ages. They were “The Gwangdae”, young artists who reinterpret traditional Korean performing arts; “Coreyah,” a folk music group and “Morning of Owl,” an internationally recognised B-boy performance team. 

The event also featured traditional Qatari folk music group “The Pearl” which presented an Ardah performance. 
“These events celebrate the 40th anniversary of our diplomatic relations with Qatar which started in 1974 and falls exactly today, April 18,” said Consul Park.
Korea and Qatar enjoy very good relationship in various fields especially in energy and construction sectors, he said, adding there are more than 2,000 Koreans in Qatar right now.
“They include more than 1,000 working in Qatar Airways, around 500 involved in the field of construction and 500 in restaurants,” he said.
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