Woqod fuel stations resume sales of Shafaf LPG cylinders

April 18, 2014 - 4:01:54 am

DOHA: Some Woqod fuel stations have resumed selling lightweight Shafaf LPG cylinders, after getting a clearance from the Civil Defence Directorate, a company spokesman said yesterday.

Cylinders are expected to be available at all Woqod petrol stations by next week.

Woqod stopped selling Shafaf cylinders at its fuel stations about a month ago, following instructions from the directorate in the wake of the explosion at a restaurant within a petrol station premises near Landmark Mall in February. 

Disruptions in supply had triggered complaints about a shortage of Shafaf cylinders in the market.

“Five of our petrol stations have started selling cylinders, after we got a letter from Civil Defence two days ago, giving permission to resume sales. 

“Cylinders will be available at the remaining petrol stations in three to four days,” he told this daily last evening.

Until 10pm yesterday, cylinders were not available at the two Woqod petrol stations in Abu Hamour and the one near the mall. He said Civil Defence had given clearance after it was convinced about safety of cylinders. “We explained to Civil Defence that we follow international standards (of safety),” he said.

He said Civil Defence had not imposed any new safety requirements, but the company had decided to move Shafaf racks further away from the filling machines, as an additional precaution. 

A Woqod source had earlier said the Shafaf shortage was caused by a “distribution gap” after their sales were banned at fuel stations, where huge number of cylinders were being sold. 

Shafaf cylinders are also distributed through more than 200 supermarkets across the country.

Although Civil Defence has relaxed rules for Shafaf cylinders, a ban on the use of gas cylinders and tanks by eateries at fuel stations exists. 

Some eateries have closed after the ban, while others have switched over to alternative fuel  like charcoal and electricity.

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