Petrol station behind Landmark Mall opens partially after blast

 12 Apr 2014 - 2:20

The petrol station ... back in business

DOHA: The petrol station in Gharafa, behind Landmark Mall, has partially opened to serve customers after remaining closed for nearly six weeks, Al Sharq reported yesterday. 
It was closed immediately after a blast at Istanbul Restaurant in the petrol station complex.
Eleven people were killed and 35 injured, including a woman and a child, in the explosion on February 27.
People have started to come and fill their cars as the situation in the area is returning to normal. 
But some outlets are still closed as they are still carrying the maintenance and repair work. 
The newspaper said citizens were demanding that Civil Defence and concerned authorities take stricter measures to ensure better safety and security to avoid any untoward incident in future. 
Some stressed constant inspection for the maintenance of petrol stations and other facilities at the complex.
Others said ban on the sale of LPG cylinders at petrol stations and ordering food outlets at gas stations and commercial centres to use electricity in place of LPG are not sufficient unless they are constantly monitored and punished for violations. 
Some citizens also suggested that people working at gas stations and nearby facilities should be trained about how to respond in emergency at such places. 
The daily said petrol stations built in residential areas without long-term planning should be relocated and more stations should be built at strategic locations.  
Some citizens complained about higher prices charged by a few food outlets ordered to use electricity in their kitchens. 
They said electricity was costlier than gas and its use had raised their overheads. 
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