Cabinet nod for urban master plan

April 10, 2014 - 5:16:45 am

DOHA: The State Cabinet yesterday approved its draft decision on the urban master plan for Qatar.   The decision included a plan for sustainable growth and a national framework for development (vision, goals, and spatial distribution strategy).

The data mentioned in the plan contains the structure outlines of the city of Doha, the capital and other municipalities.

The Cabinet meeting chaired by the Prime Minister and Interior Minister H E Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani also approved a draft decision on establishing Nuwafir (To Save), a new centre to provide treatment, rehabilitation and integrated community welfare to addiction patients. 

The draft decision includes provisions relating to the management of the centre and its functions and financial resources. The Supreme Council of Health (SCH) will be responsible for laying down the organisational structure of the centre and determining its tasks.

The centre will work out definite systems for maintaining the confidentiality of patients’ information and it will not be allowed to disclose any information about these patients except upon a warrant issued by the competent authority and to be addressed to the Director General.

The Cabinet took note of an annual report of the Permanent Committee for Drugs and Alcohol Affairs (PCDAA), on the third phase plan to implement the national strategy on combating narcotics.  The report contains a strategy on supply reduction, demand reduction (preventive education) and treating and rehabilitating the addicts. 

The committee recommended to work out a future strategy for the fourth phase and continue updating and developing the modus operandi of the anti-narcotics organs and raising the level of efficiency of the staff  as well as the role of the educational institutions and the importance of effective partnership between the families, the school, the mosque and the media to ensure a safe society free of narcotics.

The Cabinet also approved a draft decision amending some provisions of resolution No. (32) of 2012 to establish a committee monitoring the inventory and prices of raw materials. 

The committee, established at the Ministry of Economy and Trade, will collect information on raw material stocks, consumption and prices control.

According to the amendment, members representing the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Transport, the General Customs Authority, and Qatar Petroleum (industrial ports) will join the committee. 

Further mandates may be given to the committee to facilitate procedures for the import of raw materials to cope with any shortages.  

The Cabinet also approved a proposal by the Minister of State for Defence Affairs on the restructuring of the military retirement commission.

It also endorsed a draft agreement on cooperation in the field of education, higher education and scientific research and technology  and a draft agreement on cultural cooperation with Kenya. It took measures to ratify a convention on cultural cooperation with Peru.

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