Al Jazeera documentaries win Peabody Awards

 08 Apr 2014 - 7:02


DOHA: Al Jazeera’s Fault Lines was recently honoured with two Peabody Awards for documentary films Haiti in a Time of Cholera and Made in Bangladesh. 
The documentaries were awarded for their “broad reach and aggressive journalism,” the Peabody announcement said. 
Haiti in a Time of Cholera examined the epidemic that has erupted since the 2010 earthquake and underscored the likelihood that UN peacekeepers are the source. 
Made in Bangladesh found evidence of prominent American retailers turning a blind eye to dangerous practices of foreign subcontractors that led to horrible tragedies like the clothing-factory fire in Bangladesh that killed more than 100 people.”
“The award is for everyone that we met during the course of filming Haiti in a Time of Cholera. Most of all, it’s an opportunity to draw attention to the scale of the cholera crisis in Haiti, and place the focus on those who are impacted most,” said Sebastian Walker, Producer and Correspondent on the film. 
Made in Bangladesh Producer Laila Al Arian said these were the recent garment factory accidents in Bangladesh — like the 2012 fire in Tazreen Fashions factory — that led Fault Lines to examine the underlying problems in the clothing industry. 
“We hope that the film was able to give a voice to the workers who make clothes for America’s biggest retailers — and highlight dangers they face every day,” Al Arian said. 
“We also hope that we shed some light on a complex supply chain system that has contributed to poor, dangerous and sometimes deadly working conditions.”
“The exceptional investigative work from the Fault Lines team has once again highlighted what Al Jazeera does best. The human story is at the centre of Al Jazeera journalism, holding power to account for those whose voices are often not heard,” said Al Anstey, Managing Director, Al Jazeera English.
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