Qatari scribe sues Khalfan

 08 Apr 2014 - 5:17


DOHA: A noted Qatari woman journalist Dr Elham Bader Al Sada has filed a complaint with Qatar’s Public Prosecution against Dahi Khalfan (pictured), vice chair of Dubai Police and Public Security for his allegedly provocative remarks against Qatar and its people.
Dr Elham, who worked with Qatar Radio and Qatar TV for several years alleged that Khalfan has been “threatening and terrorising” the Qatari people through his offensive comments on his Twitter account.
Khalfan is known as a vehement critic of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
A former host of the popular Qatar radio programme Watanee Al Habeeb, Dr Elham also had a brief stint with Al Jazeera channel.  Currently she works as director of Media and Communication at the Qatar Foundation for Protection and Social Rehabilitation .
Contacted by The Peninsula yesterday, Dr Elham said that the Public Prosecution had accepted her complaint. “I am practising my right as a citizen. The state may have its own way to address this issue but I am doing my duty to protect my safety and security as well as of my people,” said Dr Elham.
Asked what she meant by saying Khalfan is “threatening” people, she said, “What do you think when someone describes your country as the ‘eighth emirate’?.”
Explaining the logic behind filing a case in Qatar against a top security official in the UAE, she said, “ Both Qatar and the UAE have applicable laws and the Public prosecution knows how to handle this issue and they have accepted my complaint.”
“The law in Qatar and UAE upholds the right of citizens to file a lawsuit against someone  subjecting them to terror and  intimidation,” she added.
The Peninsula