Indonesians in Qatar vote for a new parliament

 07 Apr 2014 - 5:21

Ambassador Deddy Saiful Hadi exercising franchise at the embassy.

Doha: Indonesians in Qatar cast vote for the general election for a new parliament on Friday.
Voting was held at their embassy in Doha. 
By the time the ballot box closed at 6pm, some 1,518 Indonesians had cast vote.
There were more than 2,500 Indonesians who exercised franchise through decentralised drop box and some others who voted by mail.
Ambassador Deddy Saiful Hadi said all Indonesians eligible to vote have the right to participate in the general election.
He invited citizens to utilise the opportunity to use the vote properly as it means they have played a role in the progressing democracy in Indonesia.
He stressed that embassy staff are committed to supporting organisers, freely and fairly, for the success of democracy, which also becomes an achievements of the Indonesian people. 
Hadi began the process by casting vote in the ballot area, followed by his wife Endang Hadi and other Indonesians.
Indonesians from various areas, Al Khor, Messaieed, Al Wakra, Dukhan and Doha participated.
For registration of voters, the election committee utilised computerised database, making the entire process swift and efficient.
The general election was also certified by three Indonesian National Parties agents and two Election Monitoring Board members who said voting was conducted according to regulations without any irregularity.
The election site was monitored by the National Election Committee with electronic cameras connected through secured network.
Completed ballot cards have been stored in a secured room and are continuously monitored by the CCTV system until counting on April 9.
The embassy also received permission and security support from the government of Qatar.
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