First batch of nationals begins military training

 02 Apr 2014 - 6:14

Qataris on the first day of their military training at a camp in Al Shamal yesterday.

DOHA: The first batch of Qataris who enrolled for mandatory military service started their training at a camp in Al Shamal yesterday. 
During the first three days they will be informed about rules and conditions that must be followed during the training, and physical activities will begin on Sunday, Brigadier Mohamed Misfir Al Aayadi, commander of the Al Shamal training camp, told Al Sharq. 
All Qatari men aged 18 to 35 have to undergo mandatory military training for three to four months, according to a law introduced recently. 
On the first day, the trainees were briefed about the importance of punctuality and commitment. They were given uniforms, boots and other things needed for the training, said Brigadier Al Aayadi. 
Until Saturday evening the trainees will be allowed to go home and return, and from Sunday they will stay at the training camp. 
Training will start soon after the morning prayers and will continue until noon. In the evening, the trainees will attend lectures and take part in sports like football, basketball and swimming.  
The lectures will cover topics such as first aid and the dangers of weapons of mass destruction. 
A special programme will be implemented for those who are overweight, and their health condition and medical reports will be taken into consideration, Brigadier Al Aayadi said. 
Trainees with hypertension and diabetics will be given special attention, and get a special trainer and medical care. 
Colonel Ali Mohamed Al Rumehi, commander of the national service battalion, said that there was good attendance on the first day and only five of the registered trainees were absent. 
He said the trainees were committed and punctual and reported on time at the camp.