Third annual Halal Hal Qatar Festival opens today with 403 participants

 22 Mar 2014 - 5:21


DOHA: The third annual Halal Hal Qatar Festival, which opens today in the southern area of Katara, will see over 400 participants in its Al Mazayin and Al Izab sections.
Focusing on animal industry, the 10-day festival includes three main activities — Al Mazayin, a beauty competition for goats and sheep; Al Mazad (public sale) selling livestock through auction, and Al Izab barns, each containing a different kind of livestock.
Organisers said registration went beyond their expectation with the increase in the number of participants compared to the previous editions. 
A total of 403 participants have registered, of whom 321 are taking part in Al Mazayin competition and 82 in Al Izab.
This year’s festival is also expected to attract more visitors because of the success of the last edition and improvements in the organisation of the event, with more facilities. 
Running until March 31, the festival aims at reviving the animal trade as an integral part of Qatari culture and heritage. 
It brings to life rare insights into the sheep and goat industry, allowing visitors to interact with shepherds and journey into this essential aspect of Qatari tradition. 
Katara General Manager Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti said, “The festival is being organised to preserve the traditional life of our ancestors and keep it alive for new generations as part of their Arab Islamic identity.”
There will be competitions and prizes as well as daily auctions of some of the finest sheep.
Various breeds of sheep and goats raised in the country and other parts of GCC will also be exhibited.
On the sidelines, handicraft activities, traditional food, photos, traditional games and folk songs will be organised.
There is also a special section to showcase a traditional Qatari house which reflects Qatari architecture prevalent until the middle of the last century.
A traditional market for handicraft and traditional industry products will also be held.
There will be play area for children, a booth for henna and a tent where visitors can sample traditional Arabic coffee.
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