Scattered rains likely today: Met

March 21, 2014 - 2:51:30 am

DOHA: The Meteorology Department has forecast scattered rains today and in the following days marking the transition from winter to spring.

Rains are attributed to low surface pressure extending from southwest of Saudi Arabia. 

The changing weather patterns at this time of the year could result in scattered rains, often accompanied by thunder and lightning.

A weather report by the department yesterday predicted “strong winds and high seas” by this evening. 

The weather is expected to be “hazy to misty” at places in the morning, with scattered rains and chances of rain at night. 

Temperatures in Doha would hover between 20 and 29 degrees Celsius today.

Northwesterly winds would prevail tomorrow and on Sunday and temperatures would be in the range of 25-30 degrees, according to the department.

“Features of this changing weather are sure evidence that we are in vernal equinox and entering into spring,” the department said in the weather report. 

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