Resistance only option for freedom: Meshal

March 21, 2014 - 12:59:17 am

Khaled Meshal, leader of Hamas political bureau, speaking at the Qatar University.

DOHA: Resistance is the only way to achieve Palestinian freedom and establish peace on ground, leader of Hamas political bureau Khaled Meshal told a gathering at Qatar University.

“History proved that there is no value for negotiation and diplomacy with occupiers without resistance. In our struggle, we force the occupiers to surrender, then we can restore our land”, Meshal said, addressing a seminar hosted by the Department of International Affairs in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) at the University, in collaboration with the Student Services Department.

Speaking on the Palestinian cause and the dynamics of reconciliation, Meshal pointed to three essential pillars for achieving reconciliation between different Palestinian groups.

“First, we need to unify the Palestinian political system in both the Palestinian Authority and the PLO – one leadership, one institution and one parliament. This could be achieved through elections, respecting an equal role for all Palestinian parties. Second, we must partner in decision-making so that political decisions are not in the hands of one party. Third, we need to combine our efforts to unify our resistance with one unanimously agreed-upon national strategy and the tactics of our actions on the ground both militarily and politically,” said the Hamas leader.

Meshal spoke in detail about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict that started a century ago, setbacks (Al Naksah), Intifadas and other problematic issues up to the current Palestinian division.

“We are proud that we are relentless and have kept on struggling for decades for our freedom”, he said.

He also expressed his thanks and appreciation for Qatar’s continued support of the Palestinian cause which he said “comes in different forms and stances under the patronage of the Qatari wise leadership”.

Referring to the Arab Spring, Meshal said, “We are proud of the struggle of all people towards getting their rights and freedom and developing an integrated community and a strong and secure democratic system. However, it is important to keep focusing on the core struggle in the area - the Palestinian issue”.

Mehshal concluded by stressing the importance of protecting Palestine from external interference and learning from previous mistakes, and having mercy on each other.

The event was attended by QU President Prof Sheikha Abdulla Al-Misnad, diplomats, heads of diplomatic missions, QU students and faculty. It also featured the launch of QU Model UN scheduled to take place in May at Katara Hall.

Highlighting the QU Model UN, Assistant Professor of International Affairs Dr Farhan Chak said: “This initiative is co-founded by the Department of International Affairs and the Student Services Department. It gives students hands-on experience to tackle contemporary world issues and helps them to hone their negotiation skills and build their self-confidence. The Model UN is a great way to transfer classroom theory into practice”.

About 300 to 400 students from universities and high schools in Qatar — of whom 80 percent will be from QU — will take part in the opening session which will discuss the Arab Spring, Syrian crisis, Palestinian question, global and GCC economies, trade and sustainable development.

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