Qataris happy with govt restructuring

 20 Mar 2014 - 4:19


DOHA: Citizens are happy with last month’s overhaul of ministries and government departments in Qatar, saying it would bring the performance of every employee and head of department under scrutiny and give citizens an effective role in the decision-making process in their workplace.
They feel that productivity should be the main condition for assessing employee performance. It is important to select the right person for the right position and set clear criteria for selection of people for jobs and leadership positions.
“There has been overlapping of duties and lack of coordination between the ministries and state institutions. We hope the restructuring would solve these two issues,” said Ruqaya Shoeb, a Qatari woman, working as coordinator in an Independent school, responding to a survey conducted by Al Sharq.
Another citizen, Jabir Al Merri,  wanted the bosses to visit each section of the department they head, instead of relying only on reports.
“Above all, official and heads of departments must have a clear vision about their job and the department they are heading in line with the developments in the country,” he said.
Khalid Al Noaimi believes that bosses as well as employees should not stay in the same position for long but they must continuously change duties “to feel challenged and to be more productive”.
“Productivity should be the main factor for assessment of employees’ performance. In the new system, employees should be under constant monitoring and bosses who are not performing well should be held accountable,” he said. 
Some departments are overstaffed while others suffer from staff shortage, he added.
There should be transparency between the head of department and employees. This is one of the ways to know what is happening in each department and face problems and challenges together, he said.
Khalifa Al Ali hopes that the restructuring would have a positive impact on health and education services as well as the labour market. “People should know that development depends not only on ministers and directors but also on the performance of all citizens and their commitment to the country,” he said.
Sheikha Al Jefairi, member of the Central Municipal Council (CMC) said the restructuring is aimed at improving the performance of institutions and services.
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