Professor, museum expert join NU-Q

March 16, 2014 - 5:26:49 am

Everette E Dennis  with  Pamela Erskine-Loftus and Klaus Schoenbach.

Doha:  Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q) yesterday announced that a renowned scholar and a leading museum professional have joined at a leadership position. Pamela Erskine-Loftus and Klaus Schoenbach will direct the NU-Q gallery and museum, and research programme, respectively.

“We are fortunate to have attracted a professional of Dr Erskine-Loftus’ standing and skills for what will be a groundbreaking exhibition experience in the new NU-Q Media Gallery,” said Everette E Dennis, Dean and CEO, NU-Q. “Dr Schoenbach’s research and teaching interests bridge across NU-Q programmes, covering production, audience effect, political and persuasive communication, journalism and methods of communication research. His wide publication record and experience in higher education as a professor at five European universities will doubtless also lend to his ability to take our research programme to the next level,” he said.

A museum professional with more than 15 years of experience in the Gulf and US, Erskine-Loftus will apply her experience establishing new museums to NU-Q’s long-planned exhibition space, which will showcase the past, present and future of media and communications with global and Middle Eastern emphasis. 

A world-renowned scholar and leader in communication, media studies and journalism, Schoenbach will head NU-Q’s burgeoning research programme. Noted for his leadership at the University of Vienna where he was the chairman of the world’s second largest Department of Communication, Schoenbach was previously chair of General Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, BBDO Chair of Media Studies and vice president of Zeppelin University at Friedrichshafen, Germany and professor of Applied Communication Research at the University of Munich, among other appointments.

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