1,000 refugee families receive QC aid

 15 Mar 2014 - 4:34


The QC delegation arrives at the Dioba refugee camp bordering the Republic of Central Africa to distribute basic relief items.


Doha: Qatar Charity (QC) distributed relief to 1,000 refugee families in Chad in Central Africa and targets to help 20,000 families in six months.
Aid distribution started with the arrival of a QC delegation which is at the Dioba refugee camp bordering the Republic of Central Africa. 
Sheikh Hussein Hassan, Secretary-General of Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs in Chad, welcomed the delegation of QC which is the first Arab charity to visit Chad to support refugees in the southern border area. 
The delegation met partners, including government agencies and UN organisations, to coordinate the distribution of aid. It also met officials of the council to set up a mechanism to distribute aid. 
The Qatari Ambassador also welcomed the delegation and  praised QC’s support for refugees.
In the first phase, basic items such as milk, rice, powdered milk and edible oil were distributed to  each family. 
The delegation also visited health facilities at the camp and distributed gifts to children, especially orphans who have lost one or both parents. 
Ibrahim Zenal, Deputy Executive Chairman for International Development, QC,  said the charity plans to support 20,000 refugee families by providing them with food, shelter, water and health facilities worth QR13m in the next six months.
He said the delegation was there to see ground reality, adding that many children at the camp did not know anything about their parents and needed urgent support.
Data from international organisations shows that 2.5m of Central African population need urgent humanitarian support, 840,000 have been displaced internally in Central Africa and 250,000 have taken refuge in Chad, Congo and other neighbouring countries.
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