Scattered rains in parts of Qatar, more likely today

 14 Mar 2014 - 4:34


Rain, accompanied by light hailstorm, in Al Rayyan last night. Abdul Basit

DOHA: Several parts of the country received scattered rains last evening, giving people a respite from the dust storm over the past two days. The Meteorology Department forecast more rains today and warned of strong winds from tomorrow, leading to a significant fall in temperature. 
After two days of warm and dusty weather, temperature fell suddenly in the  afternoon yesterday, followed by light to moderate rains across the country. Light hailstorm was also reported in some areas, including Al Rayyan. 
The Airport, Salwa Road, Al Rayyan and Al Waab were among the areas that received moderate rains.. Most areas in the city experienced scattered rains, accompanied by thunder and lightning.

The Met office forecast strong winds and colder nights until Monday, as an extension of unstable weather conditions in northwest Saudi Arabia. An extension of high pressure from northwest Saudi Arabia is expected to affect Qatar from tomorrow evening, accompanied by strong northwesterly winds, Qatar News Agency said, quoting the department. the peninsula
The strong dust and winds rains could cause high seas and reduce visibility, said the department. “A noticeable fall in temperature is expected, making the weather relatively cold at night days until Monday. This phenomenon is (locally) known as Bard Al Ajooz,” it said.
A weather report by the department forecast partly cloudy weather today with chances for rain at places. It is expected to be hazy, becoming misty by night. Northwesterly to northeasterly winds would blow at speeds from five  to 15 knots, becoming southeasterly later.
Temperature in Doha is expected to hover between 19 and 27 degrees Celsius. The Peninsula