Qatar sets up prosecution to try environment, municipal cases

 10 Mar 2014 - 2:56


DOHA: Attorney General Dr Ali Bin Fetais Al Marri (pictured) issued a decision to establish a prosecution exclusively dealing with environmental and municipal cases.
The new body is aimed to ensure effective implementation of laws concerning environmental and municipal issues by bringing the violators to justice.
It has been set up under the Public Prosecution and is named the “environmental and municipal prosecution”. 
It will be headed by a senior prosecutor assisted by a team of members.
The new body will deal with cases involving violation of different laws related to the two important sectors. 
They include laws on street vendors, public hygiene, food monitoring, monitoring of buildings, law banning workers’ accommodations in family residential areas, law on regulating and monitoring advertisements and the law on commercial and industrial facilities.
The environmental laws include the one concerning stray animals, laws on use and protection of water wells, animal health, underground water, laws that prevent destruction of desert vegetation and wildlife, laws on curbing tobacco and its derivatives, environment protection law, among others.
The decision also stated that the environmental and municipal prosecution will be part of the organisational structure of the Public Prosecution and its jurisdiction will be the entire territory of Qatar and its territorial waters.
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