Three teens hurt in blast inside vehicle

 06 Mar 2014 - 4:21


Police cordon off the area where the explosion inside a Land Cruiser took place, in the Al Muntaza yesterday.  (Qassim Rahmatullah)

DOHA: Three Qatari teenagers were injured in blast in a parked SUV in front of the Primary Health Centre in Al Muntaza. 
The air conditioner gas of the vehicle exploded due to the presence of some inflammable material inside the vehicle, according to initial reports. 
The air conditioner was on at the time of the incident. However, no fire was reported. 

The victims, aged 14, 15 and 17 years were rushed to the primary health centre in the vicinity and later transferred to Hamad General hospital. Their injuries were not serious, the police said.
It was not immediately known what type of material was inside the vehicle, which is suspected to have caused the blast.  
“The incident happened at around 7pm. Three teenagers were inside and the air conditioner gas exploded.  The boys suffered minor injuries on  the arms,” a rescue police officer told The Peninsula. 
The driver of the car, an Indian, who had gone to the lavatory at the time of the incident heard a loud noise from the vehicle while coming back.  There was no fire but the vehicle was totally damaged and glass pieces were thrown even to nearby shops. 
“Boys were inside the vehicle, suddenly I heard a noise and saw glass pieces being thrown away,” said a shopkeeper working with a neighbouring perfume shop.
The ambulance team and Rescue Police rushed to the spot. The police cordoned off the area for several hours.
The Peninsula