Book on inspiring women in Qatar by year-end

March 05, 2014 - 5:06:48 am

French publisher Caroline Carpentier announcing the plan to launch the new book.

Doha: More than 30 Qatari women will share secrets of their success in a publication to be launched later this year, along with an award for ‘Best Project by a Young Qatari Woman’.

The book, an initiative by French publisher Caroline Carpentier, will be illustrated by Qatari female artists. 

It will include tales from established, powerful women to the new generation of rising stars, an in-depth study of their motivations, obstacles, tips for success such as the use of social media, and suggestions for institutional changes to facilitate the success of women and improvement of society and the economy. 

“Since I have been in Qatar, and especially when working at the French embassy, I have met incredible women. However, their role is still underestimated and I feel fortunate to be able to make the book and promote their achievements,” says Caroline.

“What I hear in interviews with these inspirational women is the role of H H Sheikha Moza bint Nasser. She has given a generation of women confidence and courage to pursue their goals and take leadership positions.”

The book is a testament to these women’s contributions to the country’s social, economic and cultural development and aims to motivate women in Qatar. However, the audience is global as the book will be in Arabic, English and French. 

The image of Gulf women, described by one woman as ‘all about high-heels, designer bags and screaming at nannies’ needs to be replaced by an image of educated, thoughtful, innovative leaders in various fields. This is what the book, Inspiring Women in Qatar sets out to do.

This denuding of stereotypes also extends to Qatari men. “A recurring theme is support male family members and mentors have provided. They can be bastions of strength and encouragement, rather than a hindrance to women’s success,” she said.

So she has chosen to include voices of high-profile men who value and encourage contributions of women in roles that have traditionally been male-dominated. 

Along with the book, the publisher’s prize for Best Project of a Young Qatari Woman will also be launched in late 2014.

The award is open to all those under 25 and will be judged by some of the women interviewed in the book and major sponsors.

“I wanted to find a way to give back to the community, encourage young women to get ‘in the game’ and follow the footsteps of the great women presented in my book.

“The prize will honour a young Qatari entrepreneur whether she competes to tour the world on a bike, creates her business, develops a cultural or educational concept”. 

Carpentier’s previous publications Leaders of Qatar and Qatar Success Stories have been met with enthusiasm and she sees this as another important story that needs to be told. 

For details on how to enter the award, or sponsorship packages, contact Caroline Carpentier at

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