23 entrepreneurs wrap up TIEP first module

March 02, 2014 - 5:35:10 am


DOHA: Twenty-three entrepreneurs in Qatar will soon hit the halfway milestone in Qatar Science and Technology Park’s (QSTP) Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme (TIEP).

The programme helps technology entrepreneurs understand commercial strategies and break into the region’s rapidly emerging start-up scene. 

TIEP participants have wrapped up the first module of the programme, focusing on Technology Analysis, and are pushing ahead with the second of four. The Technology Analysis module saw two fast-paced, high energy workshops from both local and international leaders in the field. The current module, Market Analysis, started in January and teaches the fundamentals of mapping market structure and dynamics and understanding precisely how an idea or innovative technology project can be positioned in the market. Participants have been in the field speaking with potential customers to determine how well their ideas and models satisfy unmet market needs. 

Projects anchor TIEP coursework, giving students the opportunity to hone their skills on advanced stage, real world technologies being evaluated for their commercial viability. This year’s projects include: a spray vaccine for a disease afflicting the global poultry industry, minimally-invasive robotic surgery programs, nanoparticle-based diagnostic tests for serious infections, and voltage balancing converters for solar energy systems.   Each project has been awarded a National Priorities Research Programme Cycle 4 Grant by the Qatar National Research Fund, linking TIEP to Qatar’s wider entrepreneurial ecosystem and ensuring coursework is valuable and applicable beyond the classroom.

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