QCB warns banks on customers’ complaints

 02 Mar 2014 - 2:28


DOHA: The Qatar Central Bank (QCB) has issued a strict directive to all local banks and foreign banks operating in Qatar to make sure that their customer care centres/hotlines are promptly responding to calls from customers. 
QCB can impose fines up to QR10m on banks or financial institutions operating in Qatar in the event of violating the concerned law and regulations set by the central bank.
The Central Bank’s directive comes in the wake of growing complaints from customers that some of the banks are not responding to their calls made to customer care centres/hotline numbers. 
The QCB asked the banks to respond quickly to all the calls they receive and make sure the customers’ complaints are addressed promptly, Al Sharq reported.
The QCB noted that of late they have been receiving a large number of complaints from multiple sources accusing the banks of either not responding to their calls or failing to address their complaints properly, especially those related to credit/debit cards.
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