QC printed 566,000 textbooks for Syrians over last year

 01 Mar 2014 - 5:09

A Syrian student receiving textbooks at the event.

Doha: Qatar Charity (OC) has printed 566,000 textbooks for Syrian students over the last year.
It has also announced to print more books this year as part of a project to support education for Syrians, in collaboration with Syrian Commission for Education (SCE).
The announcement was made in a paper by Mohammed Al Ghamdi, QC Executive Director for International Development, during the second conference on Syrian refugees in Lebanon, held in Istanbul, Turkey, on February 20-22.
It was organised by Federation of Societies of Relief and Development in Lebanon and Turkey’s IHH Foundation and attended by Arab League, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, and international,  Arab and Islamic organisations.
QC will also finance 50 percent of the value of any projects for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.
It has allocated about QR14m  for refugees in Lebanon and those displaced within Syria to schools, support health centres and polyclinics, establish a centre for psychosocial support for refugees and meet the needs of refugee children in Lebanon.
The printing was part of a programme to provide books for 20,000 students displaced inside Syria and those forced to flee the country. The programme includes other school supplies and support for teachers.
QC said the project objectives included printing and distribution of a revised curriculum, promoting education, contributing to alleviating students and their families’ suffering and preserving a generation of young people.
It aims to cover elementary, middle and secondary school stages comprising 204 textbooks.
An estimated 7m books are needed and 4m have been printed according to European standards, covering  55 percent of the current need.
The books were delivered to Syrian students in Qatar via the Qatari consulate in Istanbul and the Syrian embassy in Qatar.
QC is exerting effort to receive global recognition for the programme by working with Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, expanding services to cover the bulk of educational needs in Syria and mobilising efforts with Unicef and other global organisations.
Sheikha Hessa bint Khalifa Al Thani, special envoy of the Secretary-General of the Arab League for Humanitarian Relief, attended the distribution of books at Recep Tayyip Erdogan School in Antioch on October 24 last year, attended by a QC delegation and the SCE.
QC continues its efforts to support displaced and refugee Syrians through projects and initiatives, with a vision for the advancement of education in cooperation with SCE .
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