Worst accident after Villaggio fire

 28 Feb 2014 - 5:35


Workers cordoning off the area after the accident. Salim Matramkot; Three of the five Indians who lost their lives in the explosion. From Left: Abdul Saleem, Zakaria and Riyas.; Damaged vehicles at the scene.

DOHA: The deadly blast which killed 11 people and left 35 more injured generated reactions from people as the social media flooded with comments towards the worst accident in Qatar recently after the Villaggio Mall fire.
While some blame the fatal accident to lack of safety monitoring system, others recommend moving restaurants away from petrol stations as they always witness a huge number of people every day.
“Restaurants at petrol stations are a ticking bomb,” said an Arab netizen through local social media.
“The accident was a result of greedy business, people making use of every available space around the petrol station for profit,” wrote another.
Others believe food outlets and other establishments attached to petrol stations is a serious issue that authorities must look into as several such stations have seen accidents in the past, the latest of which happened just months ago.
“Petrol stations witness many people every day which may result to many casualties when such accidents occur. I demand the authorities to prevent restaurants and cafes near petrol stations to use gas cylinders,” said a concerned Arab.
Fortunately the underground tanks at the petrol station were not affected, otherwise it would have been a big disaster, another reacted. Hoping the concerned authorities will take action after the accident, a netizen said:
“I hope they will construct petrol stations similar to what we see in Europe in which only one supermarket is attached into and restaurants are located away from petrol stations.”
Some wonder why restaurants are still using old gas cylinder. “Where are Woqod’s new cylinders that are safe?” asks a netizen.
With the huge gas tanks restaurants are using, people are afraid of the havoc they could cause to people and property.
“The capacity of these tanks is more than 20 ordinary cylinders, enough to destroy a large area,” wrote another, citing reports shrapnel scattered up to a distance of 50 metres.
Among the suggestions of netizens were putting restrictions on the manufacture of gas cylinders, using detectors for gas leaks and placing gas tanks in a specially constructed space outside the restaurants. A netizen wanted to draw the attention of authorities on gas cylinders sitting outside supermarkets in the sun in residential areas which can be potentially dangerous to residents.
“It is interesting some people should die first before we realise the value of safety. Then people start giving recommendations,” a netizen observed.
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