For many it was narrow escape

 28 Feb 2014 - 5:32


Emergency units at the scene of a collapsed building after a gas cylinder explosion in a restaurant near the petrol station behind Landmark Mall yesterday. Shaival Dalal


Doha: While the explosion near landmark mall killed 11 people and injured 35 persons, some individuals were lucky enough to escape the explosion area. 
Some persons were working in the nearby areas and passing by the ill-fated place while some others were in the nearby area doing shopping.
A Turkish worker Rajab said that one of his close friends died in the explosion. 
“We were close friends and used to spend a lot of time together,” he said. He added that there were sufficient safety measures put in place and regular inspections were being carried out. This was not expected.
Mohammed Ali, who was working in one of the nearby buildings, said when he heard the explosion he thought it happened at the petrol station. 
“We closed the front door which opened to the petrol station. Everyone ran out from the building from the backdoor,” said Ali. 
“Later on we realised that the blast occurred at the restaurant. Had the explosion been at petrol station the damage would have been much more,” he said.
One of the witnesses said it was a huge explosion. After the explosion he stopped working and ran out of the building. “I was horrified when I saw damaged cars and couldn’t believe that I am alive,” he said.
“I was lucky to escape as I was there driving around to find my way out to landmark and when I parked my car there was a big blast. I thought I had hit something,” said Maria Santa Humprey.
“I was in Marks & Spencers at Landmark when the incident happened. The whole shop shook and dust fell from the ceiling. Everyone ran out of the shop thinking the roof was caving in,” said another customer Brenda Fuller.The Peninsula