Call to focus on renewable energy

 27 Feb 2014 - 5:12


Officials at the event.

Doha: At the time when energy demand is continuously rising, countries in the Gulf should focus on renewable energy, said Omran Al Kuwari, Co-founder and CEO, GreenGulf.
“Solar energy is low-hanging fruit in the region,” Al-Kuwari said. “Solar energy fits with our’s a good match for our region, and it’s a good match for Qatar, and it is easy to implement,” said Al-Kuwari while delivering lecture at Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) Centre for International and Regional Studies. “The paradox, is why countries in the region have not taken full advantage of this abundant natural resource now that renewable technology costs have come down and energy demand continues to rise,” he said. The title of his talk was ‘The Paradox of Renewable Energy in Qatar.’ He said, “For me, renewable energy is more about energy efficiency, renewable energy, and clean technologies all together in one category. In this regard, it’s important to think about Qatar in the context of the Gulf region,” he said. 
He said Qatar is a very unique country in the Gulf. “It (Qatar) is the only country in the world you can safely say has enough gas, enough power, to supply itself and to have exports for the foreseeable future.” Al-Kuwari added that Qatar is also in a favourable position because natural gas is seen increasingly as an acceptable option for power generation. “Qatar has been able to utilise the (North Field) gas field, monetise it very favourably, and now is in a unique position because it has gas it can use for its needs and export. Qatar is the only country in the GCC that supplies all its power 100 percent from gas.”

The Peninsula