Ooredoo CEO highlights INJAZ role

 26 Feb 2014 - 3:07


Doha: Sheikh Saud bin Nasser Al Thani, (pictured) CEO, Ooredoo Qatar, who is also board member of Injaz, said young people should develop the determination to succeed to become successful in life. 
“You have to have the determination to succeed and start by doing things one step at a time. Today’s youth are thirsty for knowledge and experience. Before starting out, discovering what you are passionate about is essential. Then, take action but without rushing ahead,” he said. 
“Young entrepreneurs should not take for granted the value of getting just any kind of experience – it needs to be the right field for them and it is our duty as a leading employer to provide them with opportunities to gain broader experience,” he added.
Injaz was established in 1999 as a project under the USAID-funded organisation, Save the Children. In 2001, it was re-launched as an independent, non-profit, Jordanian organisation under the patronage of Queen Rania Al Abdullah to inspire and prepare youth to become productive members of their society and accelerate the development of the national economy.
According to Sheikh Saud, Injaz Qatar is playing a crucial role in making youth responsible citizens.
“On an individual level, when people volunteer to deliver INJAZ programmes, they get the chance to give back to the community by sharing their experiences and acting as role models,” he said.
As a board member, Ooredoo supports Injaz Qatar in three main areas. “We offer annual financial support, in-kind support such as telephony and Internet services and we provide Injaz with corporate volunteers. We encourage all of our employees to volunteer with Injaz Qatar and we do this by allowing them to take time off from work to help. As a board member, Ooredoo has the highest number of volunteers supporting Injaz Qatar,” he said.
To those who wish to be successful entrepreneurs, Sheikh Saud said, “I would advise young people to first find out what they are passionate about, and pursue that vigorously. I would also advise them to stay committed to their goals and take advantage of getting learning and work experience”.
Qatar programmes cover three main pillars: work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy. “These are key soft skills our youth need today. Companies supporting Injaz Qatar financially and by providing them with corporate volunteers are contributing to the growth of our society in line with Qatar National Vision 2030. 
On an individual level, when people volunteer to deliver Injaz programmes, they get the chance to give back to the community by sharing experiences and acting as positive role models,” he said. Sheikh Saud said Qatar needs to benchmark itself against the world’s best. “In the past, we used to compare our progress with other countries in the region such as Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. However, looking to the future, we need to compare ourselves on a global level, with countries all over the world,” he said.
“At Ooredoo, we benchmark ourselves against the world’s leading operators in every area - customer experience, Internet speeds, business processes. The only way you can succeed is by aspiring to be the very best in your industry,” he said. The Peninsula