Plan to link services of Gulf interior ministries

 26 Feb 2014 - 2:50


DOHA: The GCC states are working on a project to set up a common platform that will link the services of their ministries of interior, enabling citizens and residents to access them from anywhere in the Gulf.
A three-day coordination meeting of communications directors of GCC interior ministries, which opened here on Monday, is discussing progress on this project, among other issues.
Brigadier Engineer Ali Salem Henzab, director of the Communications Department at Qatar’s Ministry of Interior, said in a statement that the project aimed at building secure infrastructure to provide services of the ministries of interior to GCC citizens and residents.
He added that great strides had been made in implementing the project, and it is expected that the entire infrastructure will be ready by next month.
“The current phase, to be finished by next month, is related to setting up the infrastructure, and this will be followed by data transfer, enabling GCC citizens and residents to complete their transactions related to services provided by interior ministries from anywhere in the GCC,” said Henzab.
He added that the departments concerned had made initial preparations for the next phase.
He said that after the meeting, the communications departments of interior ministries will start implementing an IPT (Internet Protocol Telephony) system, providing safe and encrypted communication among the departments.
The meeting is discussing a number of issues such as fibre optic connectivity, linking networks used by security agencies in the GCC countries, and developing a shared vision on LTE communication for security purposes.