2,500 dumped vehicles to be removed

February 24, 2014 - 4:52:27 am

Trailers take away abandoned vehicles 

DOHA: More than 2,500 vehicles dumped in different parts of the country will be removed in the second phase of an ongoing clean-up campaign to be launched this week.

The campaign was first launched in September last year targeting the Industrial Area. The authorities removed more than 10,000 vehicles and abandoned machinery and other equipment littering the streets, parking areas and other public places in the Industrial Area during the first phase of the campaign.

The special committee spearheading the campaign has made an initial estimate of the vehicles that remain abandoned in different municipalities in the country, a senior official has said.

“A new campaign will start this week covering all municipalities in Qatar,” said Saleh Hassan Al Kuwari, vice chairman of the committee, told Al Sharq.

The committee comprises representatives from the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning, Ministry of Interior (represented by Lakhwiya and the Traffic Department) and Doha Municipality.

Data for other areas show that there are 421 abandoned cars in Doha municipality, 1,130 cars in Rayyan, 25 each in Al Wakra and Al Daain, 196 in Al Khor-Al Dakhira and 21 in Al Shamal. 

During the first phase of the campaign, the committee collected 4,500 used tyres and 113 water tanks, besides abandoned vehicles and equipment. More than 1,000 vehicle bodies were crushed before being sent to the scrapyard.

The committee also recorded 640 violations against garages and stores in the Industrial Area that were found dumping vehicles in public places. It issued 645 warnings to such facilities to rectify the errors, said Al Kuwari.

The Industrial Area was divided into four parts for the campaign. The discarded vehicles were first moved to Street No. 1 in the Industrial Area, from where they were shifted to scrapyards of the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning. 

The committee issued a warning for the vehicles to be removed within a given time frame, especially in the case of garages and stores. If they failed to comply, the vehicles were to be forcefully removed. On average, 350 cars were removed daily.

“The campaign achieved more than we expected in the beginning, said Jassim Abdullah Al Jabir, a member of the committee.

“We are coordinating with all municipalities to remove more than 2,500 abandoned cars,” said Al Jabir.

Lieutenant Abdullah Saleh Al Khulaifi, member of the committee representing the Traffic Department, said before sending the cars to the scrap yard, the committee checked the validity of their road permits and whether there was any fine for violating traffic rules.

“Some owners who came to take their vehicles were asked to pay the fines,” he said. He advised the owners to come and cancel cars to avoid legal accountability. There is a three-month grace for cancelling cars, he added.