​Qaradawi defends remarks on Egypt

February 22, 2014 - 1:46:24 am

DOHA: Noted Islamic scholar Dr Yusuf Al Qaradawi yesterday said he was ready to appear in any court for his opinions and the issues he raised, asserting, “I believe I am only speaking the truth, and I do not have any enmity or hatred for anyone.”

“I am not against any country or person. My concern is Islam and the situation of Muslims, and to bring Muslims together. I am now 88 years old. I am not looking for anything at this age,” Qaradawi said in his Friday sermon at the Omar bin Al Khattab mosque.

He said the condition of Muslims in the world was miserable and what one saw in the news about Muslims made one sad.

Arab people emerged victorious in Tunisia, Yemen, Libya and Egypt and were close to victory in the fifth country before other countries intervened to support the regime, Qaradawi said.

Referring to Mohamed Mursi, he said the elected Egyptian president remained in office for less than a year, before he was “kidnapped” and jailed. What is the role of the Arab League, OIC and the UN, he asked. “You will not succeed in your efforts,” he said, addressing those who had jailed Mursi.

He said while the world condemned violence in Ukraine, thousands of Egyptians died in Raabia Square and other places, and thousands had been arrested, but no Muslim or non-Muslim state condemned these actions. 

Qaradawi said he had been unable to deliver the Friday sermon for the past three weeks because he was unwell. This pleased some people, who spread rumours, he said, adding: “I am still alive, I will keep speaking the truth, and I do not mind if this does not please you.”

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