Gaza victim recovers with Qatari assistance

 21 Feb 2014 - 5:19


Gazan girl Hadeel Nazmi Al Najjar was hurt seriously in 2008 during Israeli aggression.

DOHA: The Al Asmakh Charity Foundation in Qatar has come to the rescue of a Palestinian girl who lost the ability to walk due to the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip in 2008 and continued shelling with most dangerous chemicals, including white phosphorus.
For the past five consecutive years, Hadeel Nazmi Al Najjar from the Gaza Strip received the treatment for her disability while she dreamed of becoming a paediatric doctor in the future to treat the children and save them from their suffering and pain.
As the signs of healing appeared and she became able to stand on her feet, Hadeel says that the Qatari charity has returned her dream again. 
“Without the Grace of Allah, the Almighty and the efforts of the Foundation, I should have lost my dream of standing on my feet and then walking myself. I ask Allah give them every success and I place on record my sincere thanks and appreciation and gratitude for them”, she added.
12-years old Hadeel hails from Gaza, specifically from Khuzaha near to Green Line. She was hurt seriously in 2008 when she was exposed white phosphorus during Israeli aggression. 
“They smashed our houses with gas and bombs and I fell from the hands of my mother. I was seven years old that time. From that time, I lost my ability to walk, “she said.
“I had undergone treatment at many places. Some of the charity organisations brought for me medicine from Germany as it was not available in Arab countries and it was too costly. Later, Asmakh Charity Foundation came across and they completed my treatment at Hamad General Hospital”, Hadeel said adding that the Foundation bore all the expenses of treatment and operations.
‘Now I am able to stand on my feet. In Sha Allah, in coming days I will be able to walk again’ she continued.
She thanked the Al Asmakh foundation for all the support they did as they regained for her the life which she had lost while she was studying in 6th standard as she couldn’t continue the studies because of her inability to walk. Responding to question on her feelings for not being able to play with the children of her age, she said:
 “I was feeling great pain and praying Allah to heal me so that I can walk, study, play and rum like other children”. 
“I was always assured of Allah’s mercy and optimistic that Allah will enable to walk on my feet once again” she said hoping that it will be achieved by the his grace.
Hadeel ’s favourite hobbies are poetry and singing. She recited poem at the Quds Conference in Doha where Sheikh Ekrema Sabri also participated. She also loves to read the stories.
“I dream to have peace and stability in my country- Palestine and to pray at Al Aqsa Mosque. In the future, I want to be a pediatrician to help children who get injured so that they won’t suffer as I suffered” Hadeel explained.
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