Rota, Qatar Charity to focus on education in West Bank

February 20, 2014 - 5:08:06 am

Essa Al Mannai, Executive Director, Rota, (left) with Yousuf bin Ahmed Al Kuwari, Executive Officer, Qatar Charity during the signing ceremony yesterday. Abdul Basit

DOHA: Reach Out To Asia (Rota) and Qatar Charity (QC) yesterday signed an agreement to implement programmes to enhance the quality of education in governmental schools in the West Bank.

Both will collaborate in developing and upgrading the educational sector through the development of facilities, methods and capacity building for teachers and students.

The 18-month education initiative will focus on Arabic reading programme, developing educational resources in Arabic, sport activities and vocational programme to offer courses in mobile phone maintenance, computers and electronics, among others, Rota Executive Director Essa Al Mannai told a press conference at Sheraton Doha yesterday. Around 500 students in 15 schools will benefit from the programme with a budget of $1.6m to be co-funded by Rota and QC.

The agreement was signed by Al Mannai and QC Executive Officer Yousuf bin Ahmed Al Kuwari in the presence of senior officials of both organisations.

“I believe the partnership between Rota and QC is a major step, and the beginning of a fruitful collaboration. Our organisational strengths complement each other well, but perhaps most importantly, we both recognise the need to promote innovative new approaches to charitable giving, promoting sustainable long-term educational development in the Arab world,” said Al Mannai. The West Bank and Gaza Strip are facing challenges with the siege on the Strip and Israel’s continuous military operations and the education sector is one of the worst-hit. There has been a significant drop in the level of attainment in primary and secondary education due to the political and economic situations in Jerusalem, West Bank and the Strip. Of the total population, 44 percent of Palestinians are under 15.

Since the start of its operations in Palestine in 1996, QC has implemented projects, including the construction and renovation of dozens of schools in the Strip, and sponsored more than 7,550 orphans students in the West Bank and Gaza. “We are confident that the partnership will go a long way in expanding our efforts and create opportunities that will improve the lives of many people in the quest for a more equal society, and thereby make a difference,” said Al Kuwari. “The agreement with Rota will not only help develop West Bank’s children and students’ potential, but will also develop and enhance their personal, social and educational skills to give them a real advantage in life.”The Peninsula