Ashghal expects 2,000 participants for events

 07 Feb 2014 - 6:34


Children playing football and table tennis (below) at the Qatar Olympic Committee Sport Zone which was opened near Doha’s main post office yesterday.

Doha: The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) will organise sports events for its employees and staff from affiliated companies to celebrate the National Sport Day on Tuesday. 
Ashghal’s sports events will take place at Ibn Sina School for Boys in Duhail. The Authority will be using the stadiums, arenas, and gymnasiums to organise various sports activities for children, men, and women.
“The National Sport Day is a national initiative that is not only limited to entertainment, but also generate interest to exercise sports by the local community, and make sports an integral part of their daily lifestyle,” said Abdulla Saad Al Saad, the Public Relations and Communications Manager, Ashghal. 
“As an athlete and former handball champion, I think sports is an essential element in maintaining the community’s health, both physically and mentally. This is the ultimate goal of this initiative launched by our beloved country when the National Sport Day was recognised as a working day to work out,” he said.
In events geared for children, Ashghal will focus on activities that attract kids. It has created a dedicated programme for children that include games and sports competitions such as tug of war and other recreational games that require physical activity. The events include jumping, climbing, and running contests in addition to games in which children will play along with their families.
Ashghal also allocated prizes and gifts for children to motivate them to participate and win in sports competitions, and make them wait for this day in the coming years.
For youth and older age groups, Ashghal will organise several games and tournaments that involve its staff, employees from affiliated companies and their families. These games include a volleyball tournament, in which six teams will compete against each other. There will also be a basketball tournament, which will include six teams, and a football tournament that will witness fierce competition among eight teams.
There will also be a Cricket match, as well as family football game, which is an innovative idea in which employees and their children will compete with other employees and their families.
A dedicated sports hall will be arranged for women. In this hall, a range of sports and leisure activities will be organised, which would be led by a group of female sports professionals, who will train, guide and lead exercises and games for the participants.
Ashghal expects at least 2,000 participants from different age groups, including staff from  Ashghal and affiliated companies. The event will beheld from 8am and until 2pm. The Peninsula