Cabinet nod for cyber security panel

 06 Feb 2014 - 5:08


Doha: Qatar will form a national Cyber Security Committee which will be in charge of unifying efforts in area of cyber security. The committee, which has got cabinet approval, is expected to be set up soon as executive plan has already been made for this.
The Cabinet yesterday also approved a draft law concerning the vital technology infrastructure. The draft law aims to ensure protection of vital infrastructure and information, communications services and associated data bases technology. 
It will help in safeguarding the security, financial and economic interests and step up Qatar’s competitiveness capabilities and provide the basic structure for the benefit of companies, institutions and individuals.  
The draft law defines the vital sectors and fields in the state, the officials in charge of these vital sectors and their duties. The draft law mandates every institution to work out a framework for information management inside the facility including the appointment of the officials concerned and allocating the appropriate budgets.
The provisions of the draft law also include setting up adequate controls for risks management in each sector and immediate reporting of any risks threatening the vital infrastructure.
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