Qatar varsity develops simulation of Feb 22 Road

February 04, 2014 - 5:00:42 am

DOHA: Qatar University is developing a simulation of February 22 Road to assess its capacity and its various inlets and outlets to know the reasons of congestion during peak hours.

The head of the Centre for Traffic Studies at the Engineering College of Qatar University says he personally thinks that congestions take place on February 22 Road due to design defect.

According to Dr Khalifa Nasser Al Khalifa, at the design stage it might not have crossed the mind of those concerned that the road will have to take so much pressure due to exploding population fuelled by infrastructure development.

Khalifa said that his Centre is conducting studies to find out ‘black spots’ (spots that are prone to accidents) on Doha roads. Studies will also be conducted on the February 22 Road.

Ashghal (Public Works Authority) and other agencies concerned are also conducting studies to remove road defects, he pointed out.

He said nobody can imagine how efficient the traffic flow would be on Doha roads in five to seven years when the road projects are over. The transport system would be highly advanced.

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