Al Asmakh supports Kotabato University

January 31, 2014 - 5:18:45 am

Al Asmakh Charity Foundation’s Planning Director Dr Mahmoud Al Samman (right) and Al Balagh Foundation Chairman Saad Hashim Sandatouk after signing the agreement.

DOHA: Al Asmakh Charity Foundation has signed an agreement with Al Balagh Foundation for Development and Charitable Activities of Mindanao district of Philippines for the expansion of Kotabato Islamic University.

On behalf of Al Asmakh Charity Foundation, head of executive committee and planning director Dr Mahmoud Al Samman signed in the agreement while the Al Balagh Foundation was represented by Saad Hashim Sandatouk, its chairman.

According to the agreement, Al Asmakh will contribute $64686 for the expansion of the university in the framework of its support for the educational activities around the world. Kotabato university established in 2011, was the first Islamic university in the city and it acquires total land area of 5000 meter square. 

The present campus of the Kotabato University consists of four buildings such as two story main building with 16 class rooms, a library, administration building and accommodation for 50 students. In addition to this, there is a two story mosque for male and female which can accommodate around 450 persons.

In addition to sponsoring the expansion project of the University, Al Asmakh Foundation has also adopted the operational expense of the University for the amount of US $35000 from December 2012 to November 2013. At present, the university runs three colleges such as Shariah, fiqh and usuluddeen and education colleges.

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