Govt to give away 7,782 plots of land

 29 Jan 2014 - 5:05


DOHA: The government is to distribute some 7,782 plots of land in different parts of the country free to eligible citizens this year for residential purposes.
Once the allotment is over, there won’t be anyone left on the waiting list, said a senior official from the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning.
Ahmed Musad Al Mohannadi, head of the Land and Survey Department at the Ministry, told reporters yesterday that this would be the biggest land distribution by the state so far.
Addressing a news conference, he said the plots will not be distributed in one go but in phases as and when basic services are put in place. Some plots have been allotted while others are at the documentation stage and still others are in areas where basic infrastructure is being put in place.
The largest number of plots — 3,700 — is in Al Wakra and most of them (between 2,500 and 2,800) have been allotted.
Some 1,100 plots are in Bani Hajer in the north. The other plots are located elsewhere in the country — nearly all of them out of Doha. 
Al Mohannadi said that while applicants are free to specify areas they prefer, they should not doggedly insist on their preference if they are allotted plots in other areas. People who insist on specific areas must be patient and wait, said the official.
The plots are being given away free to eligible Qataris who have applied for land to build houses. Eligibility criteria require that the applicant be over 22 years of age, employed and married, Al Mohannadi said.
He added that the allotment process was transparent and a special committee chose the beneficiaries on first-come-first-served basis. Members of the committee cannot be influenced, he said.