2,184 Qataris use EVW scheme to visit UK

January 28, 2014 - 4:24:47 am
DOHA: Over 5,000 GCC citizens, including 2,184 Qataris, used the Electronic Waivers (EVW) scheme to travel to the UK since its launch early this month, the British embassy said yesterday.

The scheme allows holders of Qatari, Emirati (the UAE) and Omani passports to travel to the UK without a visa. 

“The scheme is proving to be extremely popular as travellers are no longer required to submit fingerprints or pay a visa fee before travelling to the UK. Already 2,184 Qataris, 1,948 Emiratis and 1,369 Omanis have completed an EVW, however not everyone has understood how the system works,” the embassy said in a statement.

When completing an EVW, the traveller is required to enter their name as it appears in their passport, this must include all names and the spelling must match that in the passport. 

The EVW must also state which plane the person will be travelling on, at what time and what day. The EVW is valid for travel on that flight. It is not possible to use it for a flight the day later and if someone needs to change their travel details, then they must complete a new EVW, and this must be done at least 48 hours before travelling. 

The British Ambassador, Nicholas Hopton, said, “I am very pleased that so many Qataris have already used the scheme. As the number of Qataris using the EVW is expected to increase, we encourage everyone to complete the online form with 100 per cent accuracy to ensure smooth access to the UK.”

Matt Heath, Regional Director for UK Visas and Immigration, said: “We are delighted by the uptake and interest in EVW. To ensure travellers enjoy a straightforward journey, we encourage them to check their EVW document against their passport as soon as they have completed it.

“If an error is identified, it is simple to rectify, you complete a new EVW. Those who travel frequently, at short notice or regularly change their travel plans are advised to apply for a multi-entry visitor visa or longer-term visa rather than an EVW. This offers more flexibility and can last up to 10 years,” he added.

The online EVW application system has been upgraded this week to better highlight to travellers that their name must exactly match the name appearing in their passport and the EVW is only valid for the journey stated. The Peninsula