People wary of going to football stadiums, ​says survey

 26 Jan 2014 - 2:26


DOHA: A large number of women in Qatar feel that football stadiums in the country are not suitable for female fans, says an online survey by the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics.
Some blamed conservative family norms and traditions for their reluctance to attend football matches.
Men are equally or more reluctant to go to a stadium to watch a match but for different reasons, with about 65 per cent of Qatari respondents admitting that they didn’t attend any football match during the last season.
The survey on “the reasons behind people’s reluctance to attend football matches,” was conducted in collaboration with Qatar Football Association and the technical committee for sports statistics. More than 1,000 people (citizens and expatriates) aged 24 to 35 years participated in the survey. About 67 percent of the respondents said they didn’t have enough time to go to a stadium, while 51 percent said they were not interested. Of the women, 45 percent said that the stadiums are not suitable for female fans while others blamed conservative families (45 percent) and customs (61 per cent) for their reluctance to attend the matches.
About 60 percent of the total respondents said they were not happy with the schedule of the matches, 55 percent said stadiums were not near and 50 percent put the blame on annoying spectators. 

Sixty percent respondents said there is a shortage of local players in the teams and 50 percent said that sports clubs were not up to the mark. Sixty-five percent said there is a lack of services in the stadiums, like mosques, eateries and sufficient parking space. A similar number of respondents said there is no security problem in the stadiums.
More than 70 percent of respondents blamed bad weather for their absence and 69 percent cited traffic jams as the reason. Interestingly, 69 percent were unhappy with the phenomenon of paid spectators. On the other hand, 77 percent respondents said the incentives were not enough.
Sixty percent of the respondents believe that sports channels and radio stations are preventing people from going to the stadiums.

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