New accommodation for workers in Industrial Area

January 23, 2014 - 6:33:19 am

The new housing compound in the Industrial Area.

DOHA: A new compound with a large number of houses and facilities for expatriate workers has opened in the Industrial Area.

Some companies have shifted their employees such as drivers, storekeepers and merchandisers to the compound from the common congested single worker accommodations in the area. 

Companies have rented housing units in the compound from a builder to accommodate their employees. 

The compound on Street No.  18 has over 50 housing units each on three floors and each floor with four homes with four rooms.

Unlike the usual single worker accommodations, each house has three bathrooms, a sitting room and a kitchen. 

The compound also has parking facilities and 24-hour security. 

Some expats who have moved to the compound by their employers told this newspaper that they find the new place more convenient than places where they had been accommodated. 

“We had been living in a congested place before and each room was shared by eight employees.

“There were only three bathrooms for over 70 people. But here only four people are in one room and each room has a bathroom,” said a Sri Lankan driver working here for more than a year. 

A Filipino working as a merchandiser in a retail shop said, “Rooms are more specious here and these are properly built houses unlike the place we lived before. Also these houses have kitchens with all facilities.” 

Some residents said the houses are also likely to get WiFi connection and the compound will have a restaurant and a supermarket soon. 

“We have been told that a restaurant and a supermarket will soon open in the compound,” said a driver living in the compound. 

Asked if any low-income workers had been accommodated in the compound, residents said they had so far met only people working as drivers and merchandisers. 

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