Airport launches mobile application, website

 15 Jan 2014 - 7:10


Doha: Doha International Airport (DIA) has launched a new mobile application and a new mobile website to optimise and enhance airport navigation for passengers travelling through the airport. 
The new services, available in Arabic and English, will enable quick and easy access to handy information about the airport directly from smartphones and tablets.
The application and website features include easy access to information about facilities and services within the airport and terminal maps to locate these services. Passengers will be able to access flight information and contact details of the airport, airlines and airport authorities. 
“With one-third of the world’s population living within a four-hour flight from Doha and two-thirds within an eight-hour flight, Qatar is fast becoming a major travel and transit hub, making DIA an increasingly busy airport.
“We are continuously looking at ways to increase efficiency and provide value-added benefits to passengers,” said Abdulaziz Abdulla Al Mass, Senior Manager, Public Relations and Communications at DIA. 
The application is available on iPhone and Android-based phones as a native application and as a mobile site on smartphones, tablets and BlackBerry. 
Passengers can download the application “Doha International Airport” from the iPhone or Android smartphone app store. 
The application has the capability to work offline and provides information about airport facilities, contact details and maps even without an Internet connection. 
The website can be accessed from the free WiFi service provided by DIA, or by entering directly into the browser of any smartphone or tablet. “In today’s age of information and communication technology, airports need to anticipate passenger demands and stay ahead of trends and developments that will enhance the overall passenger experience. 
“Passengers are encouraged to check their app store regularly for updates, as we look at enhancing the application bilingually, offering push notifications, point to point navigation, information on events at the airport and duty- free promotions directly to our passengers,” added Al Mass.
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