$200,000 Katara award for Arabic novel to be launched in March

January 14, 2014 - 5:00:09 am

DOHA: Katara is set to launch the $200,000 Katara award for Arabic novel.

The award includes translating the winning novel into English and turning it into a play or film.

General Manager Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti said yesterday Katara would announce the first round of the award in March.

“The award comes within the five-year strategy of Katara aimed at enriching culture and the arts by bringing together Arab writers and novelists and supporting the publication, marketing and distribution of their novels,” said Dr Al Sulaiti.

He said the literary prize is important as Katara believes Arab novelists, writers and innovators need an institution that takes care of them, supports their cultural products and gives due recognition to their works. 

The award will serve as a medium to introduce Arab art and culture to the world by translating the novel and presenting it in other forms such as a theatrical masterpiece. 

In this context, he said, the prize creates a platform to promote intellectual unity among Arab novelists. 

The award also opens a new phase for famous Arab novelists and new generation Arab writers to compete and produce quality works.

Winners will also benefit through the novel’s publication, distribution and revenue at regional and international levels.

The award,  Dr Al Sulaiti said, is for original Arabic novels only and excludes poetry, short stories and translated novels. 

The awarding body has the right to reject any entry that does not fulfil the requirements which will be announced in March.

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