US speeds up visa procedures for Qataris

 14 Jan 2014 - 2:49


DOHA: The US embassy said yesterday that it has taken measures to speed up the procedures for issuing entry visas to the US for Qatari citizens.
Responding to queries from citizens on its Twitter account, the embassy said that waiting time for interview appointments for Qatari visa applicants has been reduced to less than a week.
The embassy said there are no tough procedures related to security screening and only fingerprints of the applicants are required.
In reply to a query whether a Qatari citizen can apply for a US entry visa from the UK, the embassy said it is recommended to apply from Qatar through the US embassy here.
It clarified that there is no option to change a visit visa to the US to a “study visa” after entering the country.
If your visa is still valid you can travel to the US with your old and new passport, as long as the name and other personal data is the same in both passports.Qataris seeking a visa to attend a conference in the US should produce the invitation letter from the organisers, along with an approval letter from the company or organisation they are working with/ associated with.
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