Katara Cultural Forum unveiled

January 01, 2014 - 5:01:51 am

Katara General Manager, Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti.

DOHA: Katara Cultural Village yesterday announced the launch of Katara Cultural Forum, a new platform for arts and culture as part of its five-year strategy. 

The forum will be run by Qataris and will have events on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. 

Katara General Manager, Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti, said the launch was an important step and by organising such symposiums, Katara contributes to enrich the cultural landscape in Qatar, GCC and other Arab countries. 

He said Katara is keen to improve its performance and programmes continuously and the forum would encourage Qatari intellectuals and artists to continuously innovate.

The forum will organise weekly cultural dialogue in which one cultural, art or intellectual issue will be discussed to enrich the subject through opinions and experiences of intellectuals and academics from around the world.

It will include monthly symposiums under ‘Katara Cultural Gallery’, in which art, cultural, academic and expert elites from Qatar, GCC and other Arab countries will take part.

A significant aspect of the programme is forums featuring Qatari authors once every three months. 

There will also be an annual conference for Arab cultural institutions. The three-day event will see cultural, art and intellectual figures from Arab countries. There will also be art and cultural events throughout the year.

The forum will provide an opportunity for Qatari authors and artists to discuss their works, share experiences and raise issues concerning fellow Qatari artists and Arabs in Qatar and how much they have been influenced by the cultural atmosphere in Qatar and its environment and to what extent this has been reflected in their works. The Peninsula

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