Special police to deal with crimes against children

December 31, 2013 - 4:29:28 am

DOHA: Qatar hopes to take a number of key steps to ensure that children’s rights are protected and child abuse cases are tried by dedicated juvenile courts. A draft law is ready that also recommends setting up a police force that would be exclusively meant to deal with crimes against children.

If the draft law is approved and enforced, Qatar could be the first country in the region to have not only a primary and an appeals court for children, but also a separate police force as well as prosecution for the juveniles.

The draft also talks of building a shelter for the victims of child abuse. And a juvenile home would simultaneously exist that would house the perpetrators of the crimes against children and its focus would be on reform.

The State Cabinet had decided in November 2006 to set up a permanent committee to launch studies and prepare a draft law to ensure protection of children’s rights.

The draft has 120 articles and authorises the Supreme Council for Family Affairs to come out with executive regulations once the draft is converted into a law.

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