Calligrafitti welcomes mall visitors

December 30, 2013 - 6:50:48 am
DOHA: The Gate Mall has created calligrafitti on the walls of its parking space in basement 1. 

The project is a street art initiative between the mall and Virginia Commonwealth University of Qatar, supported by Qatar Museum Authority (QMA).

The first artwork is ‘Welcome ‘&’ Park the Car.’ 

Traditional words used in Qatari culture depict the genuine hospitality and generosity. A fitting statement in a parking space embraces shoppers as soon as they get down from their vehicles. 

The second artwork is ‘Old is Gold’ — a traditional proverb that expresses how our past is a precious part of who we are.

And the third artwork is ‘Illusion vs Reality’ and revolves around Pablo Picasso’s quote that ‘everything you can imagine is real.’ The project was directed and supervised by well-known French calligrafitti artist El Seed of Tunisian origin.

El Seed introduced Arabic calligrafitti, creating a new trend. Among his most recent and popular works in Doha were calligrafitti frescos on Salwa Road tunnels, sponsored by QMA.

The judging panel chose the three works out of many presented by students who were divided into three groups, each working on one art piece. 

Workshops were conducted between students and El Seed to accomplish the work. 

El Seed said he was surprised at the quality of work and how students created the exact artwork on the wall as it was in their presentation.

The project taught students new skills in spray painting in terms of colours and techniques and encouraged them to express their opinions in style.

The students showed talent and creativity and all works were very artistic, each carrying a message for shoppers passing by.

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