Public viewing of record Qatari flag extended

December 28, 2013 - 4:48:01 am

The Qatari flag that entered the Guinness Book of World Records.

DOHA: Public viewing for the Qatari flag which entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest flag ever made is extended for another week, the organising committee has announced.

The ‘Flag of Gratitude & Loyalty’, which is located behind the Doha Golf Club, has witnessed a huge increase in the number of people who rush to the venue to see and take photos of the flag which prompted the extension.

This weekend, the site witnessed more visitors comprising both citizens and expatriates in addition to schools. More than 25 schools have already visited the site.

Lieutenant Fahad Sharida, Head of security committee, said originally the viewing period was scheduled for only four days but the organising committee decided to extend it for another week because of the huge turnout.

“After the extension, the number of visiting schools had increased especially from Al Shamal, Dukhan and Mesaieed,” he said.

A four-metre high platform was built to enable the people to have a good view of the flag. Food and beverage are also provided to visitors and in addition, the committee also provides explanations about the background of the project.

As big as 19 football fields, the flag was unveiled two days before the National Day.

It has a total area of 101,978sqm and weighs 9.8 tonnes. It was laid on an area supported by 5,000 bags of soil weighing 8 tonnes and bearing the same colour of the flag.

The Qatari flag broke the previous record of 79,000sqm set by Romania in May this year.

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